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About Us

What is snack attack, you ask?

Well my friend, pull up a chair and we'll tell you the story...

A couple of years back some local folks, sick of so-called "convenience" stores charging an arm and a leg for munchies AND closing early, decided to open every night owl's dream. A service, staffed by friendly folk, dedicated to delivering snacks right to your door!these groovy guys brought bags of goodies, regardless of the terrible winter weather! to sum it up, it was amazing!

Alas, times were tough and Snack Attack fell to the wayside while the group worked on other projects like the bohemian art shows ( ) and the snack world sadly fell silent.

UNTIL NOW! sexy snacks are back! a new group of discerning dudes is up all night to bring you bags of tasty treats! Free yourself from the tyranny of leaving the house and give us a ring!

damn these chips are tasty!

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